Kanchana 2
Year: 2015
Director: Raghava Lawrence
The horror film in versions!! By Raghava Lawrence. He succeed with the earlier versions of his horror comedy, Muni, kanchana 1 has with full vigour and confidence aiming for box office.
Horror Comedy is not a new genre by any means because only after Kanchana, people started adoring films of such kind.Thrills and entertainment are rest assured along with a flashback in films like Kanchana 1 but how entertaining is it, is all that matters. The CGI effect is quiet thriller.

Demonte colony
Year: 2015
Director: Ajay Gnanamuthu’s
demonty colony
Demonte Colony making us to scare us and seriously it is one of the well written movie.
The movie is about the four friends in a colony living together they don’t know that they returned home with evil the evil spirit at one midnight.
There is a history that whoever visits the bungalow is murdered in a mysterious fashion.
What happens after that? Watch in big screen.

Year: 2014
Directed: Sundar C
Aranmanai is a rather interested film pretend to be a horror show. The movie about the family goes to their ancestral mansion an aranmanai palace with the intention of selling it off. However, people start dying in the place and they learn that the place is obsessed. To make things worse, the ghost enters the body of one of the women. Neither the horror, nor the comedy are found. The significant amount of graphics used gets its share of scare. A film which entertains you with its Sundar’s signature style of slapstick comedy with some scary moments.

Director: Kodi Ramakrishna
Year: 2009
“Arundhati” is a supernatural thriller which has its main lead Arundhati taking revenge on her nemesis. Arundhati has fixed with her marriage beforesome days of her marriage she comes to her ancestral home in Kandharva Kottai. History would have it, decades earlier arundhati gets rid of a womanizer Pasupathi and have him locked in a fort which is not frequented by anyone. Pasupathi’s spirit vows to take revenge on Arundhati and three generations later the spirit comes back to keep up its word and what follows later is the evil. The movie dubbed from Telugu “Arundhati” is fetching in more box-office collections than the producers would have thought.

Director: Sam Anton’s
Year: 2014
Darling is an entertaining horror flick with some good writing and performances and starts with a couple coming to a guest house and both gets murdered in a strange fashion. A youngster who decides to commit suicide as his lover cheated him and he is soon joined by his friend a beautiful girl and highly enjoyable Karunas who all are having their individual reasons to commit suicide. Then ghost enter into the girl’s body. Now this ghost pops up whenever they try make love and the rest of the film is who the ghost is and how it moves out of that girl’s body. This is the entire movie story.

Yaamirukka bayamey
Director: Deekay’s
Year: 2014
yamirukka bayamey
Yaamirukka Bayamey is an interesting film that combines well-known stylistic elements of the horror and a gory looking ghost and so on with an adult humour. It is a surprisingly well-made ‘horror-comedy’ that succeeds in continuously exploiting our irrational fear of the unknown even while nudging us to laugh at it. Thus, we have sound to manipulate emotion, visual imagery to create scary atmospherics, and scene cuts that escalate the tension to the maximum before the final moment. All in all, this is a fun summer film and should work regardless of whether one believes in the supernatural or not. Whether the ghost haunting Kiran’s ancestral property or is it a conman’s master moves?

Director: Raghava Lawrence
Year: 2011
Muni is entertaining in parts with comedy, songs, glamour and stunts. But at times it tests your patience, with its insipid story line, over-the-top performance of Raj Kiran in a bit role, Add all the horror films and you get a masala horror mix-Muni! Ganesha is a happy go lucky young man who lives with his parents and grandmother in a haunted house where the spirit of Muniyandi is hovering around.
Muni was a good guy who did everything for the slum dwellers of Royapuram. His best friend the local MLA, uses him to his advantage. But when Muni demands betterment of the poor and downtrodden fellow slum dwellers, he and his daughter are brutally killed.
Muni’s body is burned and the ashes are put in the river, but his powerful Muni locket is dropped accidentally in Dhandapani’s guest house, which is rented out to Ganesh and family. Muni comes back to life using Ganesh’s body to settle scores with the bad men who killed him! On the whole, Muni does not make for great horror film.

Director: P.Vasu
Year: 2005
Chandramukhi Story about two prabhu and jothika who marry against the wishes of their extended family, and move into a palace right next to where the native.
Soon after moving into their new house, strange things starts happening, whether these are caused by the apparent ghost of a former occupant who lived before in that palace, Chandramukhi, or any one of the member of the extended family, will be looked into by “psychiatrist extraordinaire” Rajinikanth as Dr.saravanan. This is the dubbed movie from Telugu.

Director: Mysskin’s
Year: 2014
Pisaasu is the descent thriller film. This movie story was a woman is seriously injured in a hit and run accident and is rushed to the hospital by the onlookers. However, the woman breathes her lost in the hospital while holding hands of Naga a violinist. Soon, Naga realises that the ghost of the woman is haunting his house. Why? What? The answers to these questions form the crux of the story.
This film attempt in making a variety horror film. The performances and the technical aspects have also received positive feedback from the critics.

Director: Thiagarajan
Year: 2004
Shock is a rather unique horror flick, especially to Tamil cinema. It avoids special effects, violence or gore, instead relying on atmosphere and anticipation to give us the chills. The flip side of the above technique is that the movie is slow-paced. While there are enough shocks scattered around to avoid the feeling that the movie is dragging, the overuse of sequences that increase our anticipation before ending in an anti-climactic manner leads to an impression of watching a very slow movie.

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